Sometimes finding the right person is like finding a unicorn

Abigail Salisbury, Head of Operational Functions (HOOF)

Abigail is an attorney who noticed that her clients were struggling to find bookkeeping services, so she started Track Up Bookkeeping, LLC to fill that need.

Abigail does not do your bookkeeping. Instead, she has brought in several fantastic unicorn bookkeepers who can keep the beautiful books of your dreams!

The Unicorns

Jaimée Allman

Her diverse background in 911 operations, data analytics, and nonprofit work prepared Jaimée for a results-oriented, logical, and adaptable approach to working with clients. She is also working toward her CPA licensure.

Joy King

With over 15 years of bookkeeping experience, Joy is able to adapt to many situations and work environments. She also has extensive knowledge of office management, banking, and customer service practices, all of which go hand-in-hand with helping her clients to succeed.

Zen, Spokes-horse

Zen is Abigail’s Morgan horse and he generously serves as Track Up Bookkeeping’s mascot and spokes-horse.

Abigail is a multi-tasker and has been known to take meetings on horseback. If you call about bookkeeping services and hear horse sounds in the background, this is the face that is making those sounds.

Get in Touch

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7800 Edgewood Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

Track Up Bookkeeping, LLC accepts clients online from across the USA.

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